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We're still in production


We are extremely grateful for the fact we are an online business and have ways of operating in isolation. There are only two of us girl bosses in this business and we now run the company from separate venues. 
We have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of our customers including equipment, venue, how our products are handled and even to the way our products are posted or delivered.
Please keep supporting your local businesses in any way you can. We may all be on lockdown but the world hasn't stopped turning and we are still here for you! 🌏🌎🌍👍
We have created plant-powered infusions that not only support your immune systems and boost your Vitamin intake🍒 ...but also support women generally. 
Don't forget to look after YOU.


It all began 10years ago with humble beginnings, when Amy (the Cox) and Joney (the Baloney) - Best Buddies for over 20 years, opened Cox & Baloney, (the vintage stall!) with £100 in their pocket and a lot of love.

Fast forward 10 years and a multi-award winning tearoom later, we now have closed our beloved tearoom to start a new adventure. With such a huge female following, we have created a community, a hub, a safe place. We chat about life, mindset, life goals and how to follow your passion. 

Why? - During those 10 years (plus 40 years of being on planet Earth!), we have climbed, jumped and fallen over every hurdle that's been thrown our way.

We have been through the pregnancy thing, the loss thing, the labour thing, the harsh reality that motherhood brings, the loneliness, the hormonal craziness that comes throughout, the mood swings, the sleepless nights.....whilst trying to run & grow our own business!

BUT we have survived and come out the other side smiling! It's not all been bad, we have also had A LOT OF FUN along the way too!

We have achieved ten times more than we could imagine with our tearoom business, but now its time to share our knowledge and help others too.

Not only with our weekly Sofa Chats, video feed, but also with our sister company -


Check it out?


Multi Ethnic Girls