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Box of Tea Contains a morning and evening tea - enough for 30 days…

A perfect blend of herbs to help to relieve both stress & anxiety, whilst also supporting low mood. This is a great box if you just need a little helping hand towards a more positive life, by rebalancing your body and calming the busiest of minds.

Happy Tea! - for the morning

Contains St John wort which can be extremely helpful towards managing mood.

The lemon grass can also be very beneficial for the mind and helps to reduce anxiety (which tends to be worse in the morning) as well as any morning bloating or fatigue. The birch leaves & nettle are both great detoxifier and can be wonderful for cleansing both your skin and your system. 

* St Johns Wort is a powerful herb. Always check with your GP, don’t drink alongside antidepressants or if pregnant/breastfeeding

Ingredients: Mistletoe, bean peel, St John’s wort, birch leaves, aroma, lemon grass, ginko nettle leaves.

80g bag loose tea

Lavender Dreams - for the evening

When it comes to bedtime, it can be hard to switch off. Our evening tea ‘Lavender Dreams’ is a wonderful blend of English herbs such as lavender and lemon balm which can help bring restfulness and aid sleep, whilst the rosemary aids mindset, calmness and helps you to wind down & relax before bed. 

A perfect way to end the day!

Ingredients: Lemon balm, oregano, rosemary leaves, scizandraberries, lavender flowers, mullein flowers. May contain traces of nuts.

Evening Tea

80g bag loose tea

Happiness! - Mood manager