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CLEANSING & DETOXING (great for the evening) - For the girl who needs help to clear away toxins

Perfect for the busy socialite or someone who needs to re-boost her body & mind

Tastes - Refreshing with subtle mint and savory herbal flavours coming through. You can really feel the goodness working, whilst drinking it! 


Best for calming, relaxing & cleansing the system


Need a good detox? Or just something to help you relax, whilst also cleansing the system throughout the night... This wonderful blend of English herbs including nettle, rooibos, chamomile flowers, mint and fennel. Designed to bring mindset, calmness and help you to wind down & relax before bed. The chamomile and lavender aid sleep and the fennel, mint & nettle can act as a gentle detoxer and anti-bloater (perfect for after dinner!)

A cup each night before bed, helps keep the insomnia demons at bay.

Leaves of nettle, organic rooibos, flowers of chamomile, mint leaves, ginger, fennel, licorice root, leaves of sage and peppermint.


* Contains sage - not suitable for early expectant mums-to-be or if going through fertility. Check with your mid-wife or GP

Evening Tea

80g bag loose tea

Lazzzeee Daze - Evening Detox