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Lets face it, we all want a smooth pregnancy, a quick labour and a speedy recovery - We get it! 

So we have created two perfect blends which will not only help get your nether regions ready but also your mind. 

Everything's Rosey - in the morning

Our morning tea is a blend of pure raspberry leaf, -forest berries & mint leaves (caffeine free!). Designed to help hormonal balance, ease morning anxiety and help strengthen your uterus muscles, plus it's jam packed full of antioxidants. It is even perfect for the weeks & months that follow, aiding recovery and helping beat those baby blues. The minerals in raspberry leaf, plus the mint we have added are both great to help prevent nausea and morning sickness.

*Pregnant ladies should talk to there midwifes about Raspberry leaf tea before drinking it. Not be be drunk before 36 weeks. 

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, peppermint,  forest berries, May contain traces of nuts.

80g bag loose tea

Fly me to the moon - in the evening

Our evening blend is a great herbal infusion for relaxing. It’s refreshing orange & apricot blend is full of vitamins which can help boost the count of haemoglobin ( which can be lower during pregnancy) and the honeybush is full of nutrients that can help relieve hormonal symptoms, such as cramps, insomnia, dizziness, headaches, anemia and restlessness.

Ingredients: Honeybush, camomile, fennel, apples, raisins, carrot, beetroot, apricots, sea buckthorn, orange peel, thistle, orange blossoms. May contain traces of nuts.

80g bag loose tea



Mum to be - Pregnancy Support Box (34 weeks +)