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This box of tea is perfect for ladies who have reached that point in life - Menopause, or even Peri-menopause

These boxes contain a morning & evening blend, enough for 30 days - why 30 days? It goes in line with your cycle. Simple

We all have life’s ups & down and us women tend to take on more than our shoulders can carry. But YOU’VE GOT THIS!  Grab life by the lady balls and start putting everything back in order! Only you can do this, but we are here to help you out!

So ladies, punch hot flushes, brain fog, tiredness, night sweats, mood swings and whatever else it decides to throw your way, in the face and get back to being YOU.

These teas are designed especially to aid relief of symptoms, both body and mind.

Cup of Sunshine - in the morning

Our morning blend can actually be drunk any time of day (no caffeine) but we find it to be a wonderful late morning tea, to really set off your day. We have created the perfect balance of herbs, including Sage, Lemon balm, Goji berries and Honeybush, which all contribute to hormonal balance and especially helpful with those hot flushes. Also helps calm the mindset, brain fog and anxiety, plus it is jam-packed full of antioxidants! (great for the skin & hair!)

Ingredients: Honey bush, Lemon balm, Goji berry and Sage.

Approx 100g bag of loose tea

The Queen Bee (Menopause) 30 day Challenge